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About Our Company

To Keep and To Comfort Home Health Care LLC is a licensed non-medical home care agency servicing Southeastern Pennsylvania.

When the time comes when extra care is required, whether due to age or health condition, many people prefer the familiarity and comfort of their own home. To Keep and To Comfort Home Health Care LLC believes that good care should not interfere with your quality of life, so we do everything we can to keep you or your loved one comfortable. We deliver the compassionate care needed to make it through day-to-day activities while maintaining a healthy dose of independence.

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Because of the wide range of reasons individuals may require at-home care, we offer an array of services to meet these needs. Whether it involves assisting with household tasks or addressing the challenges posed by a degenerative disease, we are here to alleviate the burdens of your daily life. From elder care to dementia care to care for all ages, trust To Keep and To Comfort Home Health Care LLC to help you regain some normalcy.

Mission Statement

For many older people, home is everything. It serves as a portal to history, providing solace in the present, and represents the enduring heritage they strive to pass on to future generations.
At To Keep and To Comfort Home Health Care LLC, the mission is to deliver the highest quality, most customer-centric, and value-driven in-home care services to our clients.
We are committed to excellence and affordability, focused on dignity and independence, and promise to be reliable and compassionate!

Vision Statement

Our vision is to redefine care by fostering an environment where compassion, dignity, and independence flourish. We strive to be the trusted companions on your health journey, empowering you to embrace life to the fullest within the comfort of your own home. Together, we envision a future where every individual experiences the warmth and support they deserve, ensuring that home remains a sanctuary of love and well-being.

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